Hi, I'm E Bell.


I'm a veggie-loving, cat-mom,
currently living in Las Vegas and dreaming of Maui.

I'm super passionate about promoting plant-based living and potatoes.

I  like spending time on my yoga mat with my 2 cats, Ted and Penny.

My Story



I was never an athletic kid and struggled with my weight my whole life. My senior year of high school, I discovered yoga and fell in love with the meditative movement.

However, I spent my college years and most of my 20's distracted by a party girl lifestyle. I ended up unhealthy and unhappy and when I was approaching my 30th birthday, I knew I needed to change the direction of my life.

In 2014, I began yoga teacher training and in 2016 I opened up my own yoga studio.
In 2018, I began to experience burnout from working a full-time job along with running my yoga studio,
so I began to move my business online. In fall of 2018, I launched EB Yoga Online Studio.

2019 had lots of life changes which led me to close my yoga studio...which made me feel as though I lost my purpose... I was sad...

2020...well, ya know. It was really rough year for me but it was the wake up call I needed. I finally looked myself in the eye and decided I was going to change my life. I was done feeling full or regret. I was ready to move forward.

2021-2023 were years of growth and self discovery. I left the town where I was born and raised & started a new life in Las Vegas. 

Now, in 2024, I'm trying to live a slow, spiritually connected life and share what I've learned in my 40 years of life so far...

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