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Private Online Yoga

Private yoga classes customized for you
or your group.
Let's grow your practice together.

Plant Based Health Coaching

Getting healthy is more than losing weight. Let's talk about mindset and more tools to help you lead a healthy plant based life.

Yoga in Las Vegas

Looking for some zen while you're in sin city? Elicia is available for private yoga classes for you or your group.

I've been there...

I remember stepping into my first yoga class.

I remember the day I gave up eating animals.

I remember giving up and starting over 1,000 times on my health and wellness journey. 

I'm still on this journey and I'm here to support you too.

Whether it's your first time on the yoga mat or your first attempt at being a plant based person, schedule a one-on-one session with E Bell to Be Well :)

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Seeking Inner Peace
in Sin City?

Elicia is available for private lessons for you & your group in the Las Vegas area.

Indoor & Outdoor spaces available or let me bring the yoga to you!

Pricing begins at $100/hour.
Contact Elicia for availability.

Email: [email protected]

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  • LIVE online classes every week!
  • Over 130 classes in the class library!
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Online Private Session



  • Private Yoga Class &/or Plant-Based Health Coaching
  • Prior to session, answer questions & address concerns to help Elicia understand your goals.
  • (1) One-hour private online session with Elicia.
  • Follow-up email with additional resources.
  • Schedule with available time slots or contact Elicia for more availability.
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In Person in Las Vegas


Prices Start at $100/hour

  • In Person Private Yoga
  • In Person Health Coaching
  • Sessions for you or your group
  • Indoor & Outdoor Venues
  • Let me bring the yoga to you!
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Contact Elicia for
Las Vegas Private Lessons

Pricing starts at $100/hour

Email: [email protected]