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Back to Blogging! Saying BYE to perfectionism!

mental health weight loss Sep 09, 2021

I love to write. I write almost every day.

I have dozens of half written blog posts, video scripts, yoga classes and I've started writing 2 books this past year...

So why do so many things sit unfinished on my hard drive?

Because I still struggle with perfectionism. My perfectionism often keeps me from posting things on social media or my website... 

Ironically, this is not the first time I've been in this exact situation. I launched my website and published my first blog back in April of 2016. Then it took me 2 YEARS to publish another blog!!! I titled that blog "Procrastination or Perfectionism?" I knew I was holding myself back and being too hard on myself. I promised that I would write at least one blog a month...well...

I did ok for a year or so. Then in May of 2019, I lost my "day job,"  and I closed my yoga studio. And I regretted closing my studio immediately.

I made the decision to close based on someone else's opinion of me and my capabilities. I gave up on myself because someone else told me I wasn't good enough or successful enough. They told me I was wasting my time. I see now that my struggles with perfectionism and self confidence led me to make decisions based on someone else's opinion.

If I would have been confident in myself and believed in myself, I would have kept my studio open. Losing my day job meant that I had unlimited free time to create a successful yoga studio. Why didn't I believe in myself enough to give myself a shot? Why did I let someone else kill my dream, a dream that I had for over a decade? 

I hope someday I can make peace with that decision, but right now I still feel a ton a regret...

2019 began a downward spiral and 2020 got worse and worse until I was at the lowest point in my life... I felt so unhealthy, unhappy, overweight, depressed, lonely...


On August 4, 2020, I made a commitment to myself to improve my life: my mental health, my physical health, my goals, my relationships, everything.

And in the past year, everything has improved.

I quit drinking alcohol. Best decision of my life.
I celebrated one year alcohol free on 8-4-21.
Watch the YouTube vid:

I eliminated oil from my diet and began losing weight.
You can follow my weight loss journey on YouTube:

These days, I don't expect myself to be perfect and I consider myself a "recovering perfectionist."

But I can say that I have never felt healthier mentally and my physical health is also almost back to where it was 20 years ago, when I was 18. 

I still struggle with posting about myself and putting myself "out there" on the internet. But if you're reading this blog post, that means I hit "publish" and am letting go of perfectionism, one blog at a time!

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