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Procrastination or Perfectionism?

perfectionism procrastination Apr 15, 2018

It was early April 2016 and I was preparing to launch my website. I sat down excitedly to write my first blog. I always loved writing and was excited that I could share my thoughts monthly with my yoga students through my blog. After about 15 minutes of writing I had a rough draft and on April 8, 2016 I published it. 2 years later, it is still my only blog post. Why? Am I really that bad of a procrastinator? I have a list of blog topics and many almost-finished blogs. So why haven't I published anything? Confession #1: Sometimes I'm a  perfectionist. I always want to put my best foot forward, especially when it comes to my yoga business. I want to find the perfect words to express my thoughts and  I want to be seen as educated and inspiring. I've written blogs in the last 2 years, but haven't been "ready" to publish them. Confession #2: Sometimes I'm my own worst critic. Sometimes I'm too hard on myself and beat myself up for saying or doing the wrong thing. Sometimes I look at my work, whether that's something I've created for my website, a blog I've written, or a new class sequence, and I criticize myself, more than I ever would a friend or family member. For the past month or so, I've been really listening to the thoughts in my mind, and trying to be kinder to myself. Do you ever notice the thoughts that run through your mind about yourself? Are they kind or critical?

So, after 2 years of silence, the blog is back. I am recommitting to writing every month, about topics that come up at the studio and in my life. My writing will never be perfect and I will be okay with that. I can't keep procrastinating because I don't think my work is perfect enough. I can't let my fear of not being good enough, stop me from sharing what's in my heart. We have so many conversations in the studio before and after class, about all kinds of topics that I would love to talk about more. So, here I am, finally putting another blog out into the world. I appreciate you taking the time to read, and you will hear from me again next month!

I'd like to leave you with this final question, that I have been contemplating...What is holding you back from accomplishing goals in life? Is it procrastination? Or perfectionism? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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