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Hey, how's it going?


My name is Elicia,
but my friends call me E.
After 30 years of stressing about diets and worrying about weight loss, I've found a way of living and eating that makes me feel healthy and happy. 
I'd love to tell you more about my yoga and plant based journey.

Here's My Story

My new approach to
health and wellness...

I've let go of my perfectionist dieting attitude and obsession with being skinny
and I've embraced a gentler approach to health and wellness. 
Through yoga, meditation and a plant based diet, I'm living my best life. 
I'd love to share what I'm learning with you.

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EB Yoga Online Studio

Yoga for regular people, no pretzel poses!

LIVE classes every week!
Over 130 classes in the library! 
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What is EB Yoga Online Studio?

A peaceful yoga practice, without the pretzel poses.

Meditation &

These classes can help you learn to be more present and calm in life.

Rest, Relax & Restore

Learn how to truly rest your body and mind with restorative yoga.

Yoga Sculpt &
Vinyasa Flow

Challenge your body in a mindful way with yoga sculpt and vinyasa flow.

Membership is Only


Less than a single studio class!

  • 130+ Class Library
  • Online Community
  • New LIVE CLASS Every Week
  • Reach out to Elicia with questions & class requests!
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There's a Yoga Class for Every Body


Class Categories Include:
Yoga 101,
Gentle Flow, Beginner Flow,
Vinyasa Flow Levels 1 & 2, Yoga Sculpt,
Yoga for Your Core, Effort & Ease,
Sun & Moon Salutations,
Rest Relax Restore, Stretch it Out,
Meditation and Pranayama.

Christine Says:

I love that her classes are made for people like me with no experience, but there are also ways to challenge yourself. I also love the guest appearances by her cats!

Tara Says:

Elicia is fantastic! She truly makes yoga attainable for everyone but challenges me every time as well.

Janice Says:

Elicia is very knowledgeable and encouraging.
I find her instructions clear and am able to modify a pose if necessary.

Current Live Class Schedule

Check out the current live class schedule!

Class times and styles will change each month based on member interest and attendance :)

You can also click the calendar to download a pdf of the schedule :)


EB Yoga Online Studio

Yoga is much more than Pretzel Poses...

EB Yoga classes include Yoga 101, Meditation, Rest and Relax, Yoga Sculpt and Flow, and many more...

Check out over 130 classes with + a new live class every week!

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